RZR Tracker GPS Monitioring system

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This waterproof  All-weather GPS tracker is an ideal solution for any side by side, boat, motorcycle, ATV, trailers, heavy equipment. Track anything with a constant 12V or 24V power source with a simple 2 wire install. (12v+ & ground)
This device has a built in back-up battery that will last upto 24 hours if tampered with or disconnected from the battery source. This battery will charge when the vehicle is turned on. It will also text(SMS) and email you if its been disconnected or Tampered with. Be alerted if the battery on your vehicle drops below 11.4 volts!

Users can setup up to 10 Geo-fences and be notified if this vehicle leave or enters the zone.  Geo-fences can be over layed on each other to notify multiple users of possible theft!
With unlimited locates, text(SMS), emails & alerts its hard to beat our price!
GPS tracking device is waterproof and weatherprooof. This device exceeds mil spec standards for shock and vibration.

You can locate the device on demand at any time active, set up geofences, get text or email alerts, and more!

Tracking devices size is approximently the size of a business card. Making it easy to hide

This waterproof GPS tracker includes 1 YEAR of Unlimited Service, and NO EXPENSIVE MONTHLY FEES & NO CONTRACTS!
Tracking devices are back by the power of Calamp Industries a parent company to Lojack with over 5 million devices and 30 Years of experience.
RZRTracker w/ Bracket Kit
Bracket kit includes 1 Aluminium bracket made to fit 1ft. of doublesided VHB tape for mounting directly on unit. 1 Heat shrink tube, 3 Self tapping screws, 3 metal rubber washers, 2 zip ties, extra screw for bracket. 2 Ring terminals to fit most bus panels. 3  line holding clamps to help hide/run cable.